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Write a Note.
Take the time to write a note to employees who you feel have stood out this year. List specific actions and achievements that those employees have accomplished and how they have made things better for someone else or the company in general. Also, take the time to express appreciation for any personal-related help in your note. If an employee has helped you out with a personal emergency or covered work for you while you were out, express your thankfulness for his or her help.

Throw a Thanksgiving Party
Company holiday parties are common but they are typically geared towards Christmas. Consider hosting a smaller Thanksgiving party. The purpose of this party is to show your employees you appreciate them so try to avoid making your employees responsible for cooking or bringing dishes. Consider cooking yourself or catering to emphasize the fact that the party is for the employees to show them that they are valued. Find some time to speak during the event and express your thanks and gratitude to your employees for their work this year.

Give your Employees a a Thanksgiving Treat
Employees always appreciate rewards and gifts, no matter how small. Think about presenting movie tickets or a Team Donation to a Non-Profit. Remember to share your branded, corporate merchandise like T-shirts and coffee mugs. But gifts don’t always need to be monetary.

Provide a New Training and Development Opportunity
External training and development sessions are a benefit to both the employee and the company. Most employees enjoy getting out of the office for a day and breaking up their normal routine to attend a training session. The employer benefits by the improved skills of its employees. Find a training session that you feel is appropriate and announce the opportunity to your employees around Thanksgiving.

From the Entire National Screening BureauTeam: Happy Thanksgiving!

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