Successful Hire Seminar

Successful Hire SeminarThe Successful HIre Seminar has begun. With two locations under our belt, we are encouraged by the response of our attendees. Some have come to learn about EEOC compliance part of the background check. Others to see, just how our Electronic I-9 system actually works and to ask questions about I-9 audits. Drug Testing and how to implement a Drug-Free Workplace has been another big pull to the Successful HIre seminar as well. It’s a common thing for employers out there, even today, to not have a drug-free workplace in place. This may shock you! It has shocked some of our attendees. But it’s true. We see it everyday. Other topics also include HR Strategies and Development. This category is mainly focused on NATSB’s HR training courses. Our lead instructor, Dan Oblinger, briefly walks attendees through a few of our courses. Many attendees have already booked Dan to come onsite for training this fall. Our Successful Hire seminar is extending into the workplace of our attendees. The Successful Hire seminar was designed to help human resource professionals: maintain compliance in doing background checks; know the implications of not having a full drug-free workplace program; save time by implementing an electronic I-9 system with auditing; continue learning through NATSB training courses.┬áCome to the Successful Hire seminar and learn more about these different topics and ask questions about the human resources industry. We look forward to having you at the Successful Hire seminar in one of the following cities.┬áSo come see us in Topeka, Salina, Manhattan, Lawrence, Emporia, Hutchinson or Wichita.