The New Year: “Recalculating”

When personal GPS navigation systems were first invented it was common for people to hear the statement “recalculating.” This happened when a person took a new direction to a desrecalculatingtination not programmed in the GPS. For example, if you didn’t want to wait for a traffic jam  to lear up, you would go down the nearest exit ramp and as you turned off the highway the female voice on the Garmin said, “Recalculating.” Ignoring the voice, because knowing where you’re going you make another turn and the Garmin says again, “Recalculating.” Again, another turn is met with another, “Recalculating.” This exchanging of turns are met with protests from the Garmin happens multiple times, until it actually says in its female voice, “There is a better way” and then stops talking. The Garmin gives you lip and then the silent treatment!

you-are-here (1)This story, comes to mind as we approach the New Year. The NEW YEAR! What happened to the OLD year? But, ready or not, here she comes… the New Year.

 Even though the past year may have flown by, the best part about the New Year is this: it is NEW… a new chance at a fresh start… a new opportunity to ask ourselves if we are set for the right destination…with the right people…in the right chairs… a new calendar to reshape the rhythms and habits of our organization and the people within. In short, this week, more than any other week in the entire year is a time for us to hear the statement, “Recalculating.” As we look back on the worst, better and best of the past year we are instinctively “recalculating”; redirecting our course; renewing our resolve. Why? Because mediocrity is the enemy of success. This is especially true in hiring. This is why, at a certain point in the next week the voice of success, whose voice should be directing us, will whisper within, “There is a better way.”

In what way will you better your organization this New Year? And, more importantly, what voice are you going to listen to as you “recalculate” your hiring and retention? Will it be the voice of ‘same ole-same ole’ or will it be the voice of quick, cheap and easy? Or will it be the voice of success, confidence and right? Let us show you the voice of successful hire and how to adjust your hiring to the “recalculations” so that this voice will say, “You found the better way.”


The Right Fit Hiring way.
Happy New Year!